Chilli Vodka - update

The chillie vodka has now had several months to mature. After a few weeks it turned an interesting pale green-brown colour, while the chillies turned white. Tastes a bit sweet, also a bit acidic but not too bitter, it is a lot like Encona hot pepper sauce but not as sweet. That is if you can get over the heat - to use a Red Dwarf expression, it is like drinking molten lava.

Now almost gone (the photo below was taken a while ago) and the heat seems to be concentrating at the bottom. Now I know why they say to remove the chillies after a few weeks. Will probably end up topping it up with some unadulterated vodka, or mixing it with another flavour when I try making some of them. For anyone interested, a good website for this sort of thing is Here.

Chilli Vodka

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  1. bish Says:

    So, after a few months, was it a success? I ask, having grown about three hundred stupidly hot chilli peppers (see blog) and now I’m running out of ideas… chilli sauce, chilli dip, chilli stew, stuffed chilli… at the weekend I bought a bottle of chilli vodka liquer and I’m going to try to match it for taste. So. How did yours go?

  2. sonofparker Says:

    It went ok, I think. The problem was that I was not able to take the chillies out of the bottle once it was done, so eventually the flavour reached a peak and started to become a bit bitter and very hot. I then diluted it a bit with more vodka and that got rid of the heat but it was not the same as it was before. I am now planning on making another chilli vodka using scotch bonnet and habanero peppers - the habanero is supposed to be quite fruity as well as very hot. I might also experiment with blending some other types of flavoured vodkas.

  3. chilli king Says:

    nice idea! out of interest what kind of chillies did you use and did you remove the seeds?

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