Ok, now in Wellington, the capital city of NZ. But first the way I got here. The first day after Queenstown was spent getting up to Christchurch, quite a long way. This involved travelling over the Canterbury Plains, rolling grassed hills with mountains in the distance. Part of Lord of the Rings was filmed here, in particular places like Edoras, where the Riders of Rohan are. There are also many lakes, used in a hydro-electric scheme which apparently supplied 75% of the power for the country. The lakes are a really bright turquoise blue, on account of all the powdered rock made by the glaciers which feed them - they look really amazing.

I only stayed one night in Christchurch as I have been there before at the start of the trip. Wanting to save the partying for another night, I stayed at the YHA hostel, which was really flash and all the pans in the kitchen had handels on them, which is a bonus.

On from Christchurch to Kaikoura. Like the last time I was there the weather was a bit crap, but luckily the whale watching was still happening. This involved driving out on a fast boat and periodically stopping so that the captain can look for whales using an underwater directional microphone. It was quite fun with the whole tracking whales down thing - they only stay on the surface for around 5 minutes before going back down to look for food.

On from Kaikoura to Wellington, crossing from the south to the north island by ferry. Wellington is built around a harbour, and the ground slopes up steeply from the water, so it looks really pretty. I have been walking around all day, going to the national museum and then looking at the parliament building (known as the beehive) and finally wandering around a street called Cuba Street. This is where the Nu-metal fraternity seem to hand out, along with all the interesting people, and there are masses of coffee shops everywhere. I had a coffee in a place called Fidel’s, because I thought I should.

I am staying at a place called Base Backpackers, which has only just opened, and seems really flash - maybe it’s just the fact that they have electronic card locks on all the doors like an expensive hotel. It also has a bar, selling cheap drinks, and myself and several others did the bar quiz last night. We came third, beaten by 4 south africans who I keep bumping into wherever I go. It is getting a bit hard to socialise as the people in the bus keep changing as they are all spending different lengths of time in different places but I can usually find someone I know. Oh, the hostal is also accross the road from the cinema where they had the premier to lord of the rings - return of the king. The cinema has a giant fibreglass model of a dragon type thing on the rood, but the national museum has a model of Barad Dur, Saurons tower in it.

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