Today I went on the canyon swing, that and the jet boating being my sole concessions to extreme sports. The canyon swing is another marvellous invention which allows you to jump of high things without the usual problems, i.e. death by splat, and as I really wanted to throw myself off something but couldn’t afford bungee jumping or skydiving I thought I would give it a go. In the canyon swing you are attached to a 109m rope which is pretty much horizontal over the Shotover River canyon (where they do white water rafting and jet boating). You then jump off the ledge, and free fall for about 60m before the rope kicks in decelerating you at 3 gees, and resulting in you going horizontally at about 100 mph. Some say it is better than bungee jumping.

In the actual jump, you go up to the edge, look down and think "that’s a long way down, I’m going to die, what the f*** am I doing". You then try not to think about it and jump. In my first jump I don’t remember the jumping part, I just remember suddenly thinking "shit, I’m falling" but you don’t feel any force as it is free fall, just hear the rushing of the wind and see the scenery flying past. Then the rope kicks in and you swing around. When you come to rest they winch you back to the top. I liked it so much I went again, this time jumping backwards. I then wore a stupid grin on my face for the rest of the afternoon, and had to go on a long walk to calm down.

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