I have been travelling for 3 days now on the Kiwi Experience bus, known to many as The Big Green Vagina Liner, which takes you from place to place and also helps organising accomodation and activities. The first day was a bit of a washout, I was supposed to go whale watching but the weather was too bad so the trip was cancelled along with the dolphin swimming which a lot of other people were doing. We ended up sitting in the hostel doing nothing.

Today the weather was merely overcast, as we went to the Abel Tasman national park to do stuff. I had decided not to do the sea kayaking as I can’t be bothered with the things any more, so instead I opted for a trip which went on a water taxi up the coast and a walk along part of the coastal path (which would take 3 days to do the whole thing) then the water taxi back. The walk was really cool, up and down the hills largely missing from Australia, surrounded by trees and random ferns which gave the place a slightly pre-historic feel apart from the crowds of walkers. By the time we got the water taxi to go back the waves had got a bit higher and the boat became practically airborn every time it hit a large wave, which was fun in a slightly scary way. Anyway, the Kiwis excel at finding interesting ways to put their lives in danger so I wouldn’t trust them to have a simple boat trip without an element of the extreme.

I am now in a place called Westport, which is probably one of the least interesting places in the country, but it is just a place to stay. Tomorrow I go on a jet boat, another Kiwi favourite, which is a very powerful boat designed to go up and down rivers at dangerous speeds. Should be fun.

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