I am in Christchurch in New Zealand, and staying in a hostel that is miles away from town, but was the only place that had any space. There seem to be loads of people around for some reason, even though the rugby has only just finished. I have also had trouble getting a place on the kiwi experience bus so that they have upgraded me to a different pass so that I don’t have to hang around in Christchurch for a week.

The hostel I am at is fairly cool, but most of the people there are working and have been there for a long time. This gives the place a good atmosphere, especially during the rugby world cup final, where half the people were English and most of the rest were Irish and therefore supporting Australia.

I now have to decide what to do for the time in New Zealand as I gave it very little thought while I was in Oz. The kiwi experience guide seems to mention a lot of extreme sports - I have a vague feeling they do that sort of thing around here. What I would really like to do is some sort of long distance walking trail, and see some lord of the rings scenery.

I haven’t had much of a chance to look around Christchurch, and I will be leaving tomorrow but my kiwi experience pass seems to come back here later. It is a bit strange here as all the roads seem to be named after English towns and cities - the place I am staying at is on Manchester street, and I have seen places like Oxford terrace and Cambridge terrace. Christchurch is the largest city on the south island but that is relative as it only has around 300000 people.

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