Fucking internet terminal in sydney airport just lost the whole entry I just wrote. At least it is free. Anyway, here goes again:

Sydney: a few old builings in the center surrounded by large tower blocks. It is not especially nice, although the harbour and opera house and botanic gardens are nice. I went around in one morning and saw most of the good stuff, although I didn’t go into the aquarium as I had already found nemo (probably, not sure what he looks like) on the reef.

I took the ferry to Manly, at the entrance to the harbour, and it is worth it just for the ferry ride which gives you a good view of the harbour and is cheaper than a cruise. Manly, so called because an early explorer saw some aborigines on the shore and thought they looked manly, is a suburb of sydney and looks a bit like a tropical-type version of a cornish seaside town. It has a beach with lots of surfers and people sunbathing even though it was a cloudy day.

In the afternoon I eventually met up with Vicky, and we wandered down to look at the opera house, which is not as impressive as in the photographs. I think it would have looked better in stainless steel rather than white tiles. It rained, so we took shelter - all the shops have cover-type-things which extend over the pavement keeping you dry, something I have noticed a lot over here. We went to a random bar, eventually finding one which was not full of english rugby fans who although an agreeable lot tend to take up a lot of space, and we wanted to sit down after all the walking. We ended up goning to a jazz club, which is something I don’t normally get to do when travelling on my own. It is much better than going to the usual backpacker pubs.

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