I have been on a 3 day trip to the Atherton Tablelands, which is a world heritage listed rainforrest area south of Cairns. It is about 600-800m above sea level so is not too hot. The scenery is really beautiful, consisting of rolling hills with bits of rainforrest - the whole thing was rainforrest 100 years ago but 94% was cleared for wood and for agriculture. The area is now protected, and there are schemes underway to replace the rainforrest in some areas.

I saw a lot of waterfalls on this tour, and they are different from a lot of the other places I have been to, the whole area being of volcanic origin rather than sandstone. The basalt rocks that form the waterfalls are in interesting regular patterns

The main problem with the trip was that there are loads of interesting places not accessible to tours, so I felt that we were only goning to the more mainstream locations. I think I would have liked to do a guided rainforrest treck and try to find some more remote areas. Maybe next time.

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