I am now back on dry land, and I am also now a certified diver. Woohoo. After spending 3 days on a boat it is kind of weird not having the ground moving underneath me - it actually feels like the ground is moving even when it isn’t.

The diving was really cool, although it took until at least the 4th dive for me to start to get used to it and not be really nervous. The people were also great - I will point them out on the photos when I put them up. After the 4th dive we were certified, so on the next one Nikki (my dive buddy) and I were able to dive together without anyone else and explore the reef ourselves. The reef itself is fairly amazing although not as colourful as you see in pictures - the light towards the red end of the spectrum is absorbed more than the blue so everything tends to look a bit brown. On the other hand, there are loads of fish all over the place, and they are all sorts of wonderful colours.

The timing for the dives was fairly hard, with the first dive being at 6am, before brakefast and the second at 8, after brakefast. On the day when we spend a full day on the boat we got in 4 dives, including one night dive, which was quite creepy.

As well as the open water course, some of us also did some of the dives in the adventure dive course, the night dive was one of them. Another was a deep dive, done this morning, which was to 30m (25 actually) where you are only allowed to be at that depth for 20 minutes, so as to avoid decompression sickness. I was very apprehensive about that one. The final one was the naturalist dive, where you just had to spot 5 different fish (one glance) from a table and 5 different types of coral.

I will definitely dive again, particularly as I have spent $300 on fins as the normal sort do not agree with my kicking style (non-existant).

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