Today I took the skyrail, which is a cable car (strictly a gondola) to a town called Kuranda, in the hills and surrounded by rainforrest. It was a really cool journey, going above the rainforrest canopy and looking down at all the trees and into the valleys.

Kuranda was quite cool but full of tourists, especially Japanese. One of the main attractions is the markets, selling handicrafts and things - they were interesting but I had no intention of buying anything. I also looked in a few photography galleries - there were really spectacular landscape photographs in wide format and I may buy a book of work by one of the photographers as he has a gallery in Cairns. I also looked in a fruit bat sanctuary, and the guy showed everone some of the bats and let us stroke them. They are not actually related to the other sorts of bats and are in fact primates - their closest relative is the lemur. They can also see perfectly well.

Finally I went on a bit of a walk in the forrest, which was interesting, but it was all laid out with a wooden walkway to walk along so it was quite tame. I went back on the scenic railway, again more spectacular scenary but my seat was on the opposite side to the side where everything was happening so I was a bit annoyed.

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