Day 4

Again getting up early (4:30 to be precise) for more driving. Eventually reached Uluru/Kata Tjuta national park after seeing huge piles of other adventure tours busses along the way.

Uluru was hugely impressive from a distance, looming over the fairly flat surroundings in a sort of brooding way. I was surprised by the amount of vegetation here - the spinefex grass holds the dunes together so that they can’t move and larger trees and bushes can take root. It is still desert as the rainfall is low, but there is a lot growing.

That afternoon we went to The Olgas/Kata Tjuta, which are 36 rounded peaks not far from Uluru. The composition is slightly different as they are made from larger stones bound together rather than finer sand. We walked through the valley of the winds, which goes between the peaks which tower either side. Luckily there were clouds otherwise it would have been too hot to do the walk until the following morning which would have pushed us for time a bit.

The landscape is hugely impressive with the red rocks and red sand - all from iron oxide. It seems uniquely australian unlike the flinders ranges which could be anywhere.

In the evening we watched the sunset on the rock, along with hoards of other people. The rock was supposed to change colour in the different light and it did a bit but not that much.

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