Day 3

Got up rediculously early for a long drive north. We ended up eventually at Coober Pedy, our stop for the night, and a very weird place.

Coober Pedy, surrounded by not very much at all, was settled in 1914 by people returning from WW1 as an opal mining town. Because there was no wood around and the soldiers had experience of digging trenches etc. and because it was stupidly hot (up to 50 degrees in summer) they ended up living underground. The name is aboriginal and means white man in a hole.

The place looks like some sort of post-apocalypse landscape, with little or no vegetation and lots of old mining machinery all over the place - Mad Max 3 was filmed in the area and Red Planet nearby. It is very eery, and I would not like to live there, although living underground would be good as the temperature is fairly constant all year round.

We also saw lots of aboriginies sitting around getting drunk - it seems a bit tradgic that they can’t adapt to our society, but on the other hand the government could be at fault for giving them the money to do nothing.

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