Day 2 of Adelaide to Alice trip

We continued to explore the flinders ranges today. There are now seven people on the bus, plus Tom the driver - this is a consequence of the deal with oz experience and adventure tours which means that adventure tours have to run a bus every day even when there are not that many people.

On the bus are Sarah, who is Irish, Camilla and Anna from Denmark, Beate from Germany, Jen from Canada, Shu-Lan from Japan (apologies if I have spelled your name wrong). Of all of them, Camilla and Sarah make most of the noise, and were two of the three we collected yesterday. This is good as I was worried the bus would be a bit quiet.

We drove around in the morning and in the afternoon we climbed Mt. Ohlssen Bagge, which is on the edge of Wilpena Pound, a sort of great big basin thing. The views were fairly spectacular although the walk was tough being fairly steep all the way. On the way up I bumped into some of the girls I had met on the tour around Darwin - they were on an adventure tours trip from Darwin to Adelaide.

In the evening we stayed in a place called Rawnsley Park, on the other side of Wilpena Pound. We had a great view of Rawnsley Bluff, on the rim of the Pound but managed to miss the sunset while having dinner - it would have been crap anyway as it was a bit too cloudy.

While exploring around the camp, I decided to climb a hill nearby. While climbing I saw all sorts of exotic looking birds - it is strange to see bright green parrots in the wild. As the hill started levelling off I decided to run a bit, the quicker to get out of the trees around me. Suddenly there were no more trees and I found myself running along a ridge at the top, with the ground sloping down on either side and big mountains in the distance. It reminded me of lord of the rings, and was probably one of the cooler things that has happened in this trip.

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