I am now in Parachilna, population 5, which is in the flinders ranges, a mountain range. I am on a tour up to alice springs and there are currently 4 people on the tour although we will be picking up 3 more.

This place is what I would associate with the outback, there being nothing much here apart from flies. The main source of business is a hotel which has a restaurant serving all sorts of things like kangaroo, emu and camel. It used to be a lot bigger when the railway line went through it, like a lot of other places in this area.

Once again I am not sure about where I want to go - I almost considered scrapping Cairns altogether as it is a bugger to get to from alice springs. Instead I may take an overland tour there from alice, which takes 3 days and is cheaper than flying (which goes via sydney). I don’t think I want to go to anyware else on the east coast, which will leave me with a redundant oz experience pass. Maybe I will be able to convert it to credit to use on something else.

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