I have just got back from a trip to Kangaroo Island, an island off the south coast renowned for it’s nature. I hadn’t originally planned to go there but it was neccessary as all the rooms in all the hostels in Adelaide were full of irish backpackers here for the rugby. The irish are all off to Melbourn now, so it is a bit quieter.

That said, the tour was brilliant. It was done through Daniel’s Tours, who are a small operator consisting of Daniel, who owns a farm on the island, and possibly one of his mates. Daniel knows the area really well, as he is a local, and he is also quite eccentric, which makes for an interesting time. He also had good taste in music and films.

We arrived quite late on saturday night, having got a bus and ferry from adelaide. By that time I had met four other people on the trip - Imbar from Israel, who was staying in my hostel, two english girls called Catherine and a swedish guy called Marcus. We then met two german girls, Jana and Monica, and found Daniel, who had forgotten the cookies. By the way, it was absoulutely freezing (by australian standards) with a cold wind blowing from antarctica, and I had only brought one jumper.

We had a dinner of kangaroo (lovely) and home made bread, then went nature spotting - it is good at night as koalas only do anything at night, and spend the rest of the time sleeping - up to 20 hours.

Next day was a 9km walk from inland to the sea, and we only got lost once when Daniel wasn’t there (he took his land cruiser to the end of the walk and met us in the middle). We saw an echidna, and had to wait around for ages perfectly still until it took it’s nose out of the ground and walked off. Echidnas feel vibration through their feet, and can feel the ants moving underground.

In the afternoon we went to seal bay, and spent a long time sitting on the beach watching the sea lions, which had come back from 3 days out at sea and were resting. We then went sandboarding, which I was not very good at and kept landing on my arse as I did not lean forward enough. Luckily the sand was nice and soft so it didn’t hurt. This was done in what is called Little Sahara, a very random bit of desert in the south of the island. In the evening we went off to look at penguines, which were very cute but I couldn’t get any pictures as they don’t like the flashes. We then went back and watched Trainspotting.

Final day we got up early and went to the Remarkable Rocks, a name which reminds me of the Very Dark Caves from Father Ted. I keep thinking that there is another place called Quite Interesting Rocks also on the island. Anyway the Remarkable Rocks are rocks that have been weathered by the wind and water from the sea into all sorts of strange shapes - I will put photos up soon.

For lunch we had crayfish which had been caught in the river on Daniel’s farm. It was the first time I had seen my food in it’s alive state, and it was a bit disturbing to see the crayfish being dropped into boiling water but I am assured that they die quickly (as you would if you were dropped into boiling water).

In the afternoon we saw new zeland fur seals, and Admiral’s Arch. The fur seals live on rocks rather than on the beach. It was very cold, especially later in the afternoon as the wind had picked up overnight. We got the ferry and the bus home and arrived at 10ish.

Therefore: Daniels Tours good, others bad (according to him). The tour was also the cheapest one. He can be contacted on 1800 454 454. /plug

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