I have been exploring Adelaide, and it is really brilliant. I only have a room until saturday as the hostel is filling up with irish people going to the rugby world cup, so I will have to find something else to do.

I caught up with the world solar challenge, three cars have finished so far - Nuon, who won, Aurora 101, and MIT. I talked with a guy from the Aurora team, who was really friendly and told me a lot about the car. The guy from MIT was less friendly.

In the afternoon I explored the city. The center is laid out in a grid pattern and is a bit like London in that it seems to mix old stone buildings with modern tower things in a rather haphazard way. I spent a long time looking in the indoor market, which has loads of different foods, and lots of food stands - I had a thai noodle soup for lunch. They like their food here, there is about 1 restaurant for every 30 people.

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