Day 5

Today canoeing in Katherine gorge, amazingly pretty. We arrived at 8, and had 4 hours of canoeing. It was lucky we arrived early as we got all the canoeing done before the sun got too hot. We saw a snapping turtle, which came really close to the canoes, which was really cool. We also saw bats in the caves.

We had a BBQ lunch - it seems typically australian to have public BBQs. We then went on to the Katherine hot springs, or luke-warm springs as someone described them. Nuff said.

We camped in Adeleide River, which is actually further north towards Darwin. Dinner was Barramundi and Chips in the Adeleide River pub- Barramundi is a game fish found in this area, but it just tastes like cod. Discussed beer with Luke and his mate - everyone here thinks fosters is horrible, but it is famous as it was the only thing around for a while. The making of XXXX supposedly involves a row of cats pissing into the cans, and it is said that the four Xs blank out a four letter swear word. Good beers include Cascade from Tasmania and Coopers from South Australia. Another thing they drink out here is whisky and coke, which can be bought in cans. Luke was surprised that we do not have that sort of thing in England as it is fairly ubiquitous here.

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